What is the pricing of NBN?
Inspection services: from $209
Supplier audit: from $319
Where can NBN provide inspection services and supplier audit?
China and Bangladesh.
What are the products can NBN inspect?
Our inspection covers most exports, including softlines, hardlines, consumer goods and machinery.
How to book the NBN services?
Very simple, as long as you fill in our Booking Form and email us, the services you expect will be scheduled soon, any product information or inspection requirements are welcome.
When can I book the services?
We recommend that email us the booking form 2-15 days before the inspection/audit.
Can the NBN’s inspection service be performed according to my special requirements?
Of course, our services can be tailored to customers' different needs, such as using specific AQL standards, or performing a test you specify.
What are included in the quality inspection of NBN?
This process is a comprehensive inspection and verification of your goods and provide the detailed data and pictures. For example, the Pre-Shipment Inspection usually includes the following:
--Style & Colors
--Artworks & Labels
--Dimension & Weight
--Shipping marks
--Packing & Packaging
--Tests (including tests on product function, performance, durability and safety)
--Client’s Requirements
When can I have the inspection report?
Generally, we can submit report within 18 hours after inspection.
If the inspection is on Saturday, Sunday or other holiday, will there be any extra charge?
We can conduct inspection services during holidays and festivals, with no extra expense.

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