Container Loading Inspection(CLI)

Container Loading Inspection is a process in which inspectors verify the quantity, style and packaging of the products loaded on site, and supervise all the export cartons to be properly placed in a safe environment. Generally, CLI occurs after a pre-shipment inspection and can be done in a factory or forwarder’s warehouse.
How does NBN perform a Container Loading Inspection?
Verify all conditions of the goods to ensure its consistency, evaluate whether the loading process is effective for product protection and the container is properly sealed.

The whole process of CLI includes:
  • Verify the actual quantity of products loaded
  • Verify the conformity of products
  • Verify the packaging, labeling and shipping mark
  • Check the quality of export cartons.
  • Check the quality of containers
  • Supervise the loading process
  • Verify the export cartons are placed reasonably
  • Check the shipping documents
Why you need a Container Loading Inspection?
Perform a CLI ensures that the correct goods are shipped in a safe and reliable environment to avoid fraud or trade disputes. The below situations are appropriate for arranging a CLS:
  • The clients need the delivery records in details
  • The goods of unclear quantity of shipment
  • New suppliers (moderate risks)
  • Second-hand equipment or scrap metals (high risks)
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