Promotion Products

As to promotion products, the delivery time is of vital importance, the large quantities of Major defect is an important cause resulting in late delivery. NBN offers quality inspection and monitoring services of the supply chain for clients to control key risks.
Promotion Products
Inspection Services for the Promotional Products Industry
Promotion products play the vital part in the publicity or marketing activities of a company, they should be fresh and have clear LOGO. A high quality of promotion products can be makes a profound impression on people, thus promoting the sales of products/services and enhancing the commercial value of a brand.

Since they are free gifts, some company owners will say, “Give more time to the buyers, so they can reduce the purchase cost, but ensure quality!” Besides, 80% of enterprises purchase promotion products in a hurry, therefore the quality control of promotion products is full of challenges.

Only products that truly meet consumers’ demands are good for promotion, NBN is very familiar with the key requirements for promotion products, besides of function and durability, printing quality and appearance are also extremely important. We provide long-term quality control services for over 25 global agents of promotion products customization in China, and our experience in more than 120 kinds of promotion products, including make-up mirror, T-shirt, trolley bag, Canvas Tote Bag, mug, USB light, flashlight, and tools set.

From the evaluation on raw materials and production progress to quality supervision during the production, and then to final inspection before shipment, NBN could provide you a series of QC services. Our inspection process is an evaluation and verification on the function, workmanship, labeling and packaging of products based on the specialized checklist of promotion products.

Moreover, we will perform the necessary tests during inspection to ensure the product is functionally stable and safe to use. Due to the great variety of promotion products, they may be classified into different categories, visit the following links to learn more about the inspection and test details of your unique products:

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