General Equipment

NBN offers global government procurement departments, manufacturers and dealers with quality control solutions to all kinds of general equipment and help them optimize supply chain, improve quality and reduce procurement risks to the largest extent.
General Equipment
Inspection Services for the General Equipment Industry
General equipment plays a critical part for the normal operation of various industries, any failure will cause time and economic loss to the user unit. The strict quality inspection before shipment will help you to make your products meet all technical requirements and relevant safety standards.

NBN offers a wide range of general equipment inspection and testing services in China, a process that involves comprehensive testing and verification of the product's functionality, performance parameters, durability and safety to ensure that your product meets the usage requirements. In addition, we will also check the appearance, dimensions and packing of the products according to the specialized checklist. Our expertise covers a wide range of general equipment in the fields of electricity, water conservancy, fire protection, public security, communications, manufacturing, and scientific research.

Standards used in all inspections:
Sampling standard: ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO2859-1)
Inspection standard: Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL)

The main tests for General equipment inspection:
  • Function test
  • Air tightness test
  • Water leak test
  • Flow test
  • Waterproof test
  • Compression test
  • Accuracy test
  • Product parameter check
  • Internal construction check
  • Hi Pot test
  • Earth continuity test
  • Working current/voltage check
  • Frequency check
  • Noise check
  • Stability test
  • Motor rotation speed test
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