Manufacturing Audit(MA)

The structure of today's supply chain is gradually being refined, the R&D and production of many products have been extended to manufacturing plants in developing countries. Conduct the Manufacturing Audits on suppliers will give you a full picture of their capabilities to ensure that you work with the best suppliers, as well as control the key risks and improve supply chain efficiency. Manufacturing audit also known as the Extensive Factory Audit or Factory Audit, is part of your quality assurance plan.
How does NBN conduct a Manufacturing Audit?
Our auditor will visit your designated factory to make a detailed assessment of their capabilities, reliability, and legality, resulting in a factory rating, this process is carried out in accordance with relevant standards of ISO9000 quality management system.

The NBN’s MA checklist including:
  • Factory Profile (including legal validity, trade credit and basic information)
  • Human Resource (including organization charts and number of employees for each department)
  • Trade Capacity (including export overall situation, products and markets distribution)
  • Production Capability(including basic information, raw material, condition of machinery and equipment)
  • Quality Control (including quality control system, certifications, supplier management and customer complaints handing)
  • Research and Development(including engineering, sampling, test equipment)
Why you need a Manufacturing Audit?
  • Verify if your supplier is lawful and abide by the contract
  • Learn about the supplier’s factory size and trade status
  • Evaluate the management ability of supplier
  • Evaluate the production capacity and quality control ability of supplier
  • Learn about other essential information of supplier
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