NBN boasts the industrial leading QC services to help you optimize supply chain, improve product quality and control the safety risks of toys to the largest extent.
Inspection Services for the Toys Industry
In recent years, along with technological innovation and the development of industrial chain, toys manufacturing industry has witnessed sustainable growth in China. However, the common occurrence of quality safety issue for long term is still the focus of global brands and consumers as always. The EU, US and many other countries have formulated strict safety standards for imported toys, so as to reduce the harm on children and teenagers due to disqualified products.

NBN offers global brands and retailers with professional toys inspection and test services in China, we have expertise of the hundreds of toys used for intelligence development, skill training, entertainment and body building of teenagers and children. Our service can be conducted at any stage of production, which is a comprehensive assessment and verification of your toys in terms of function, workmanship, labeling and safety, as well as monitoring production process and analyzing product defects.

Meanwhile, our inspector will be conduct special mechanical and physical tests according to your unique products and deliver the detailed inspection report before shipment, so as to ensure your products meet all quality requirements and compliance standards.

Standards used in all inspections:
Sampling standard: ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO2859-1)
Inspection standard: Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL)

The main tests for Toys inspection:
  • Carton drop test
  • Performance test
  • Pull test
  • Torque test
  • Flexure test
  • Compression test
  • Small part check
  • Seam strength test
  • Adhesive test
  • Toy drop test
  • Abuse test
  • Voltage test
  • Frequency check
  • Sharp point and sharp edge check
  • Moisture content test
  • Smell check
  • Metal detection test
  • Stuffing material check
  • CE and WEEE markings
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Arrive on site within 48 hours after booking, submit report within 18 hours after inspection/audit.

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