What is the significance of factory audit


Factory audit is a comprehensive review and evaluation of suppliers commissioned by a third-party inspection agency, which is a deeply audit of the factory. It generally has three forms of audit, that is social responsibility inspection plant, manufacturing audit and supply chain safety inspection plant.
Through factory audit, enterprises can obtain international certification, can improve the status of enterprises in the international market, get more purchasers trust, plays a great role in promoting the development of our foreign trade enterprises, this is also the reason that more and more suppliers accept the factory audit.
What are the contents of NBN Inspection
Manufacturing Audit (MA)
Service cost: USD319/Factory (all inclusive)
The main check we performed:
•      Factory Profile (include legal validity, trade credit and basic information)
•      Human Resource (include organization charts and number of employees for each department)
•      Trade Capacity (include export overall situation, products and markets distribution)
•      Production Capability(include basic information, raw material, condition of machinery and equipment)
•      Quality Control (include quality control system, certifications, supplier management and customer complaints handing)
•      Research and Development(include engineering, sampling, test equipment)
What is the significance of factory audit?
Whether from the perspective of foreign trade enterprises, or from the perspective of customers, factory audit is very favorable. For foreign trade enterprises, factory audit improves the competitiveness of foreign trade enterprises, factory audit through the international certification, in fact, is a postcard, can greatly improve the competitiveness of foreign trade enterprises and social status, for enterprise development and maintenance of new and old customers to provide strong help. Through factory audit, foreign trade enterprises can also find their own defects and loopholes in time, and rectify and make up for these existing problems in time.
It is also very important for purchasers. Through factory audit, they can determine whether the enterprises they will cooperate with are reliable and whether the quality of the products they buy meets expectations, which helps to improve the quality control efficiency of the supply chain and the management of the production schedule, and reduce the procurement risk as far as possible.

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