How does garment factory improve product qualification rate


The quality control of clothing should start from the field quality management to the production site as the object, and take the control and management of relevant factors and quality behaviors affecting the product quality on the production site as the core. Through effective process identification, clear process, the establishment of quality control system, the establishment of quality control points, the formulation of strict on-site supervision, inspection and evaluation system and quality improvement system, etc. Make the process quality in the whole production process in strict control state, so as to ensure the stable production of qualified products.
A. Process quality control
1. Process identification and result application
Only master the requirements of each process and each post and the relationship between the site quality management will be effective.
The requirements of process, resources, people's qualifications, methods, indicators, etc. are only clear about the process they are engaged in, and understand that as long as the process is a little uncontrolled or unstable, the result will be unstable and never be consistent; Constantly look for opportunities to identify problems and find solutions to them; Only by applying the results of process identification to the process, control plan, post responsibility and post operation instructions can it play an effective role.
B. Quality system construction
It is necessary to establish a set of monitoring system and monitoring index for the whole process of product realization, so as to realize the problem early warning and timely processing closed loop.
1. Establish critical control points:
List the characteristic parameters, process parameters, control requirements and control items to be controlled according to the process flow, and finally form the early warning item list in the sequence of the process flow.
2. Define the feedback process:
Formulate the quality prevention step by step feedback responsibility table, specify how to feedback and submit when there is variation/quality protection is needed, limit the time and define the responsible person.
C. Application of management methods
* Process Management
1. Strictly implement the process regulations.
2. Provide job skills training for new workers and staff with changes in job types. Only after passing the exam and receiving the guidance of the master can they take up the job operation.
3. Strictly implement the production according to standards, processes and drawings, strictly observe and conscientiously implement the process parameters and technical requirements specified in drawings and process documents, inspect according to regulations and make good records.
4. The raw materials, semi-finished products, spare parts, after entering the workshop should be self-checked, meet the standards or have the previous receiving procedures can be put into production, otherwise not put into production.
5. Strictly implement the standards, drawings and process formula. If modification or change is needed, an application shall be submitted, which shall be approved by the production technology Department after testing and appraisal.
6. Reasonable suggestions, technical improvement and application of new materials must be tested, identified, approved and incorporated into relevant technical and process documents before they can be used in production.
7. The newly made tooling shall be inspected and tested to determine that there is no abnormality and the first product is qualified before it can be put into production.
8. The working clothes should be kept in good condition.
9. The production department shall set up the inventory tooling account, handle the procedures of withdrawal, maintenance and scrapping according to the regulations, and make good records.
10. Rational use of equipment, measuring tools, station appliances, maintain accuracy and good technical state. [1]
* Quality Management
1. The workshop shall strictly implement the provisions of "Quality responsibilities of all levels and types of personnel" in the Procedure Document, perform their own duties and coordinate work.
2. Strictly control the key process according to the provisions of the Procedure Document. For the abnormal situation, it is necessary to find out the cause and eliminate it in time, so that the quality is always in a stable and controlled state.
3. Conscientiously implement the "three inspection" system, the operators of their own products to do self-inspection, inspection qualified, can be transferred to the next process, the next process to the last process of product inspection, unqualified products have the right to refuse to receive. If a quality accident is found, the responsible person is not cleared, the cause of the accident is not excluded, and the preventive measures are not formulated.
4. The workshop shall be responsible for the quality of the products produced, so that unqualified materials will not be put into production and unqualified half products will not be reordered.
5. Strictly divide the quarantine area of "three products" (qualified products, repaired products, waste products), so as to make clear marks, accurate quantity and timely treatment.
* Equipment Management
1. Assign special personnel to manage the workshop equipment.
2. Strictly implement the Equipment Use, Maintenance, maintenance, Management System, strictly implement the equipment maintenance system, and strictly abide by the operation rules.
3. Do the "three-step method" of equipment management, adhere to daily cleaning, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, every day after work to check the equipment control system, safety devices, lubricating oil road smooth oil line, felt cleaning, oil pressure oil level standard, and oil injection according to the lubrication chart, oil quality is qualified, to be checked no problems before formal work.
4. Equipment ledger card, shift record, operation record complete, complete, account card matching, fill in timely, accurate, clean.
5. Implement the key equipment voucher operation, so as to ensure that the certificate machine is consistent.
6. Strict equipment accident report system, general accident within 3 days, major accident within 24 hours report to the supervisor.
* Personnel Management
1. Identify the ability needs of different positions to ensure that they are competent.
2. Pre-job training (including new employees and transferred employees), including job knowledge, job skills and relevant technical documents training. Conduct equipment operation certificate training for equipment operators, and pass the theory examination after training; Pass the safety, equipment, technology, quality field examination, obtain the equipment operation certificate and work certificate, to have the post qualification.
3. Annual examination of operation certificate: Organize an examination team composed of equipment, quality and technology personnel to conduct an on-site examination for all post producers once a year (issue examination questions for each specific post before the examination). All of them have passed the normal post, otherwise they must pass the training and re-examination before they can take the post normally.
4. Quality awareness training, hold quality problem exposure and at least two or more successful and failure cases training every year, and sign post quality agreement.
5. Encourage employees to participate in site management to strengthen process control and improvement.
* Material management
Raw and auxiliary materials entering the factory should be inspected and qualified; Check the appearance quality and protection status when receiving materials and warehousing, make clear the meaning of various marks and pay attention to the protection and transmission of marks. Check the material before and after the process, check the appearance and key size of each other. Good product protection, batch management; Inspection and test status identification, traceability identification and flow identification should pay attention to the differentiation of the identification itself, which should be not easy to be confused and not easy to fall off. Relevant personnel must ensure that they can identify the identification. Some subsequent processes are not easy to identify whether some previous processes have been processed.
* Work environment Management
Environmental conditions should be created to meet the needs of production and meet the requirements of laws and regulations on environmental protection and occupational health and safety.
* Product and process validation
Product and process confirmation should be done before batch production, including product full-size inspection, reliability test, process verification, production capacity, process capacity, operator confirmation, etc.

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